Flat Tire Service

Flat Tire Service? Blow out? Don’t Know What To Do?

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Flat Tire Repair! Don’t have a spare, or don’t know how to change it? Call Dugger’s Tire Service. If this isn’t an emergency, schedule your flat tire service. Fill out your details and a specialist will call you back.

    Dugger’s Flat Tire Service

    If you have a flat tire, you’re stuck. That’s why we come to you. Schedule a roadside tire service. We’ll send a qualified tire technician to your location, assess the tire and offer a repair or exchange service.


    Roadside Tire Change or Replacement

    Dugger’s Delivers. On Tires and service, delivered & installed.

    • Our technicians will assess your spare
    • We’ll determine if you need a change or a replacement
    • 24 / 7 Service
    • Nationwide Warranty.
    • To your door in 30 minutes
    • Disposal and recycling of your old tire

    * 30 minutes is an average ETA. Actual time may vary based on factors like traffic.