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Need a jump start? Dead Battery? Accident?

Dead Battery? Get a Roadside battery delivery and exchange service. Dugger’s is on the way with a professionally trained battery technician.

Battery dead? Nobody likes getting stuck. Best laid plans are for not, if your car won’t start. Get a Jump Start from Dugger’s Services.

You never expect to run out of gas, but it happens. And if your stuck…then what? Call Dugger’s Services and a qualified technician is on the way.

Need a Tow Truck “Near Me” – Get a tow from the professionals at Dugger’s Services Towing division. Only available in Albuquerque, NM.

Dugger’s Emergency Road Service

Dugger’s Road Rescue in Albuquerque & Rio Rancho, NM and Dugger’s Emergency Roadside Services are available in the Greater Phoenix, AZ metro. They are tow industry leaders who believe the customer should come first. We are a second generation family owned and operated business.

If you live in the Phoenix Metro or the Albuquerque Metro, the only name you need to remember is Dugger’s. Look for our tow service trucks with flames on them in New Mexico. If you are broken down on the side of the road, you are worried. Look at our track record of satisfied customers in our roadside services reviews. Dugger’s Services delivers the replacement battery, fuel or tire change service that you need, where you are; NOW!

When you are looking for industry trained towing and emergency roadside assistance experts, the only service you need is Dugger’s. The next time you need a tow, have a dead battery or run out of fuel on the side of the road, Dugger’s Road Service and Dugger’s Emergency Road Service can save the day!

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Dugger's Emergency Road Service
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Duggers is really the best company. Scott unlocked my car today and he was so polite and efficient. The wait time said an hour and he was here in less than 30 minutes. Thank you for the amazing customer service you provided!!!
Few things are more unnerving than having a flat tire ON the freeway. Dugger’s arrived quickly (even faster than their estimated time) and got me going again. Friendly, professional and fast. I couldn’t have asked for more!
Called Dugger's from Oregon today and I spoke to Tracy today regarding a unusual situation, dealing with an impound of a vehicle I used to own... short answer, she took care of everything. Tracy is professional, courteous and her quick and friendly resolution made my day. Thanks Tracy!!!
Scott was amazing. He came this morning and jump started my car and came to my work to replace my battery later in the day. Love how happy he was even after a long days work. Thank you!!!
Scott from Dugger's in Albuquerque is AWESOME! He showed up to tow my vehicle. He was able to get my vehicle running so it did not have to be towed. Thank you Scott for your professional service and quick response. If Dugger's is promoting...put Scott on your list!
This company provides excellent service. I had a dead battery and was subsequently locked out of my vehicle because it had been recently vandalized and they were here within 15 minutes of calling. Scott was the technician who came out and it seemed like he was here a total of 3 minutes. He quickly got me into my vehicle and had it jumped in no time. I’m so grateful because I had plans with family and I was already running late. If a situation like this happens in the future, I would definitely request this company to help me out.
My car had a dead battery this morning - thankfully I was still at home when I found out. State Farm sent out Duggers Services to jump start my battery, but I decided to go ahead and replace it since it was several years old. Justin arrived in about 20 minutes (way faster than expected!) and was polite and very quick to replace my battery. Their batteries come with a two year warranty also! Thanks so much for your great service!
these guys were awesome. Very efficient one guy was in training. They were both very nice. I would definitely recommend you for any one that needs roadside assistance. I've given you a six star if they had it
Nothing but kind and generous professional roadside assistance. Gustavo arrived in a timely matter and called me when he was 5 minutes out. Best roadside assistance service experience so far. 5 stars all the way. Mad props to the professional name Omar, got here quicker than heck and was nothing but kind and professional never will I use a different roadside assistance service if you need any roadside assistance be sure to call duggars the most efficient are professional roadside assistance I've ever had in both experiences
I called Duggar’s to change my flat tire due to having incorrect lug wrench. Scott arrived within 15 minutes of me placing the request and had me on the road five minutes later. Awesome response time and even better customer service. Thanks Scott!
Adam came super fast to change a flat tire. He was efficient, professional and super nice. Made sure my spare had plenty of air. Great job!!! Thank you!
Having a blowout on the freeway can be a very scary experience. Dugger's came to my rescue through my insurance. Omar was very kind, respectful and super helpful. He not only took care of of the tire, but gave the car battery a jump as it had died. Awesome service!
Scott took the extra time and effort to help me when I locked my keys in the car. My 08 Honda Civic is rather difficult to unlock and he overcame quite a few challenges. His determination to help me was admirable. I am very appreciative of his help!
Employee Scott helped me unlock my car door. Service was great. He arrived in a timely manner and was friendly. Service was quick as well.
Scott just changed my tire and was super fast, it literally took two minutes. Very professional and good at his job. 10/10 would recommend Dugger's services!
My name is Frances , just got into town and locked my keys in my truck. Set up was easy and what fast , courteous service. Scott was wonderful , great attitude and got me going in no time. Thanks duggers, you were great, seriously!!
Love this towing company always reliable and very nice ppl
Scott just came out to jump my Fiesta and he was awesome. He went ahead and replaced my battery on the spot since I was planning on replacing it later anyway. Talk about a time saver! He was personable and efficient- highly recommend.
Scott was so helpful. Seriously he is a quick Ninja and unlocked my car for me. Very professional and even offered a jump for my battery. I will definitely use this company again!
Scott was wonderful! He was efficient and took wonderful care of my car. I’m grateful they sent him to help me.
Fair dealing ownership and management! Don't let a few "bad apples" ruin it for you: Dugger's is the way to go! My nephew drives for uber and his dealings with Dugger's Road Service are remarkable! Thank you, Mr. Dugger, for properly taking care of my nephew! Hat's off, sir! -Emma
I think the gentleman's name was Demi, anyway, he arrived within the time he said he would. Hooked up my pickup, and got it to my house quick and safe. I was impressed because I asked him to drop it off in front of my garage and I couldn't have parked it any better. Professional and friendly and efficient!
Scott found his way out to the far west side of town in half the time he had estimated, and already had the flat tire off the car by the time we could walk over. He showed us exactly what had caused the flat and was finished with the replacement in about ten minutes. Excellent service!
Scott came to help with a lockout and was so polite and professional. He unlocked the car quickly and was here before the estimated time. Thank you for your help Diggers has always been great when we've needed them.
I came from out of town for a Dr. appointment, and my battery went dead in the Trader Joe's parking lot before I got there. They worked with me on the timing, went the extra mile to clean up the battery posts, everyone was super pleasant and reassuring about my long, desolate trip home, and I felt very confident in the young man's capabilities. Very nice experience!
Scott was amazing! He got to us in 15 minutes and had my car open in just another 2 minutes or so. Super respectful and easy going. Overall, this was a great experience and I would highly recommend! Would use this company again in the future 100%.
Wasn’t there for the actual towing (was in an accident) so I can’t comment on that, but when I went to get my personal belongings from my car they made it easy and DJ was really awesome and super friendly. Even in a really emotional state he made it a bit easier
Scott was very helpful and on time. I was able to get my tire changed in no time. He also gave me some great advice on tires. Thank you 😀😀😀
Had a great experience with this company. Brandon was very professional and efficient at preforming his job duties. Great customer friendly personality. I was very pleased with the speed and service. Will call them again in the future.
I would like to send out a giant Thank You and review to Tim for going above and beyond in helping us preserve our vehicles integrity while trying to get it towed to be repaired. The strut and spring were completely out and Tim took additional time and used all his know how to get the vehicle on the flat bed without causing additional repairs for us. He should definitely be recognized for his being a stellar employee to your company! Thanks again Tim!
Scott Y. was awesome! He was expedient, friendly and punctual while taking care of my vehicle problems. He is definitely the person you need in your corner for all of your vehicle needs!
Brandon was fast and professional and knew his stuff. I appreciated how well he did his job and I felt safe leaving my truck in his care. I'd highly recommend Brandon and Duggers to anyone needing a tow.
My daughter locked herself out and they responded quickly. They kept in touch by phone to make sure I knew they were on their way. Truly appreciate them.
I just got done receiving excellent service from Jerry! The guy showed up sooner than was estimated, took care of everything super fast and damaged free and he was a super nice and polite dude!
Scott from Dugger’s Road Service is an absolute savior!!! I had a incident where I accidentally locked my cat, keys, phone, and wallet inside my car while waiting outside Petroglyph Animal Hospital. Thankfully I had the car running after I locked myself out, but this was still a close call. Too close a call for any loving pet owner, especially during these extreme summer temperatures. After communicating with family via the help and assistance of Petroglyph, Scott was on the way and arrived in under twenty minutes! He said, “Oh yeah this should be an easy fix”, and popped open the door in under ten seconds. He’s truly amazing and I am so thankful he was there to help me rescue my cat before I took it upon myself to find the nearest rock as a last resort. Scott, you are the MAN! 🙌🏽 Keep up the fantastic work!!! You are truly a life saver and Midnight says, “Thank you!” 😸I am now a new fan of “TEAM SCOTT!”
Great experience with this company. Brandon was quick and professional with his work and got the job done. Couldn't ask for better service. This man needs a raise!! Seriously the best tow truck operater I've ever dealt with. I'll definitely use this company again if ever needed!
I am now an employee of this fine establishment.i came down here to ask questions and got hired thanks guys my family appreciates it.the service that is required must be passed with a test
Scott was very friendly and professional! He was able to menuver my car from the alley which was parked next to another car out from an awkward angle. It worked out great with both cars undamaged.It was great running into another Japanese! Especially one from the same religion! Thanks again for the help!
Scott was super friendly and helpful. He was there fast! He changed my tire and got me on my way. I Highly recommend Dugger’s.
We thought we needed a jump but Scott paid extra attention and tried a couple other things and it was a sensitive shifter!
Broke down on Highway, the dispatcher called to make sure of where I was and to confirm the arrival time. The driver called and let me know he was on the way. Great service and he got there earlier than the estimated time!
Broke down north of Tramway on Christmas Day. Driver was super fast and friendly, got to us in about 20 minutes. Not my first time using them, they are a great company. Thank you and have a great new year! (Hopefully I will not need your services soon - no offense!)
Scott came to tow my car after I found out I had a flat tire. I didn’t notice I actually had two flat tires because he checked! He arrived fast and before the ETA. He got me a ride to the nearest Discount Tire. He was very nice and friendly the whole time! I felt like this experience was no big of a deal because of how positive he was. A+++ service
Ok, so this is this first time I’ve ever had to use my roadside from Subaru - my battery died in the driveway and I called for a jump. Within 30 minutes, the NICEST guy showed up - Scott! He popped the hood and connected my car to a charger and had me all hooked up. Big smile, great laugh and told me what I could do to make sure I was taken care of through the winter. Thanks Scott and Dugger’s! Now I know who to call anytime I need help!
Scott was amazing when he got here, figured out where my battery was, tracked down a replacement and got it installed all with a smile. Great experience and will have no issues recommending Dugger's to anyone else.
Scott was fantastic and super quick. He was helpful and knowledgeable and came to the rescue quickly! Well done!
Just had Duggars sent out by my road service to start a car with a dead battery and Scott did an awesome job! Very fast service and I was on my way. Thank you!
I would have wrote this review sooner but I’m also in the middle of moving. Recently we had to get our vehicle towed to the shop for some work and a gentleman named Brandon came out to tow our vehicle. Fast, professional, polite, kept the mood up while doing what he needed to get done. The best interaction I’ve had with any company and it shows. Would give a higher rating if I could!
We just had bought a new/used car from a well known dealership, long story short, it broke down 20 minutes down the road. The Tow truck driver Rick was awesome, a very pleasant experience... the tow, not the break down...
The wait was a little long about 2 hours but we were in no hurry and the wait was well worth it because the service was awesome! Definitely recommend this towing service
Waited about an hour on the side of the highway with my wife and daughters and our pup, Brad arrived and was very helpful, he even had extra waters for my dog, he got our car up and let us wait in his truck with AC until our Uber arrived. I can not thank him enough for his kindness.Recommended 100%. Yeah the wait is a little long but there drivers make up for it.
Tommy was efficient and pronto, and had excellent customer service. A real master of his craft. He got my keys out of my truck in minutes and was very professional. Thanks for saving the day bro!
Really nice guy and got spare on to replace flat in minutes. Very concerned he met all the needs to get me going and gave me sound advice in driving with undersize spare. Thanks so much. Highly recommend.
WOW, what service!! Scott called to say he was on his way - much appreciated so I didn’t have to wait in the 90+ temp. He blocked my car on a busy street to protect it. Went to work immediately and had my flat changed in an instant. Pleasant, efficient, prompt, effective. What more could you ask for. A++.
All i can say is this company is super awesome. I locked my keys in the car and called my progressive insurance road side service and was for sure I was going to have to wait hours before getting assistance. However, it only took Duggers road service 15 minutes to get to my location and even less than that to unlock my car door. I just want to also send a shout out to Scott for his assistance.
Scott gave the best customer service. He was nice and we spent less than 10 minutes with him. This is the fastest service I've ever received! 10/10 would recommend.
I had a flat tire this morning and it was really stressful for me. Scott from Duggers was so incredible! I put in the request and I was notified about a minute later. Scott called me two minutes before arriving. He came out and was very polite. He got his tools and fixed my tire in about 5 minutes. I was so impressed! Thank You Scott for great service and for making my day a little less stressful!
I was having a very frustrating time with my prius and was told multiple different stories about what to do. Scott showed up and was friendly and upbeat and not at all daunted by my car problems. He quickly and easily jumped my car and then provided me with information about what to do in this situation in the future. He was so helpful, nice, and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I would happily recommend him in the future.
The driver was very courteous and prompt, thank you very much! I rated this service 7 months ago and today I used the service again and I still rate it at 5 🌟's! The driver Ricky Bobby's customer service was excellent! He was very helpful and very knowledgeable. I would recommend along for him if at all possible! The dispatch was readily available to handle the special attention needed with my call. Thank you!
I am leaving a 5 star review in good faith, as I have used Dugger in the past and they've always done an excellent job! Many insurance companies use them and every time, the driver has been professional, honest and hard working! Now on Wednesday, 12/18, my car was ready to be released from a local repair shop, as I was in an accident on the 5th which put it there. I drive for a both Ride Share companies in the city, and since I was out of work for so long, I was really looking forward to getting my vehicle back, except one thing happened: My car was hit in the parking lot, of the repair shop, by a tow truck dropping off another vehicle! This put my vehicle back in the shop!!! (It should be ready today) This incident put me out of work another 6 days! (It's Christmas and this has really put a financial burden on me). I know the Driver responsible will do the right thing, that is why I am giving a 5 star review (in good faith) now.
My Driver, Ricky was very efficient and professional. Not only was he at my vehicle within minutes, after I broke down, but he knew what he was doing, did a great job towing my car and getting me and my vehicle where I needed to go. Highly recommend! ☆☆☆☆☆
Had a Jump tonight. Gustavo came to our rescue. He jumped by car. And apologized for being late. So glad he came in time before my phone died. Very Professional for sure. He even let me know about the Battery service they offer with a 2yr warranty and they come out to change it. Have a safe Night Gustavo and Thank you again.
Zack arrived quickly. Jumped my battery is no time. He was very nice. Can't ask for anything more.
Scott was amazing, he was fast and very accurate, friendly and professional. If you go threw Duggers for your car service needs ask for Scott I recommend his service. Great experience grate customer service.
Scott was there within 25 minutes. It certainly wasn't as daunting as I had expected. He was friendly and courteous. -He got my truck up and running in 60 seconds. Highly recommend.
Nothing but kind and generous professional roadside assistance. Gustavo arrived in a timely matter and called me when he was 5 minutes out. Best roadside assistance service experience so far. 5 stars all the way
Scott was very professional and punctual! I would rely on calling these guys back again if I ever had an emergency and definitely refer them to friends and family! Thank you for your quick service!
James was great! He arrived on time and was able to get my battery swapped out fast. He made sure to tell me about the two year warranty too. I’d use them again!
Scott called me to get my exact location, informed me where he was and how long it would be before he reached me. Scott arrived as promised and was super friendly and nice. He had me up and road ready within 15 minutes. He certainly made my day of fog, cold, mist, flat tire, missing my yoga class...much brighter! Thank You Scott!
I am now an employee of this fine establishment.i came down here to ask questions and got hired thanks guys my family appreciates it.the service that is required must be passed with a test
Wasn’t there for the actual towing (was in an accident) so I can’t comment on that, but when I went to get my personal belongings from my car they made it easy and DJ was really awesome and super friendly. Even in a really emotional state he made it a bit easier
I ordered a replacement battery through 800batteries.com and it was delivered/installed by Duggars. They did an awesome job. The technician kept me informed about when he would arrive; he arrived on time (same day that I put the order in) with the new battery, and installed it in less than 20 minutes--and that included removing/replacing the passenger seat, as that's where the battery lives in my SUV. The technician was also polite and treated me like a fellow human being, and didn't talk down to me the way some mechanics do with women. The cost was reasonable, and having the work done at my house saved so much time.
My roadside assistance with Dugger's service was great. With the rain and my understanding that many car owner were facing the same circumstances, the overall service was still great. The wait time was not a bother and the fact the towing took less than 20 minutes to get going, was proof how great their team is!
My wife's poor Scion had to get a ride to the tire shop. We called our insurance and Lamont with Duggers showed up. He was friendly, professional and careful. I am very happy with the job he did.
Scott is the best! I learned that my electronic trunk is very very secure and thanks to Scott we are able to get my keys out of it! Great customer service so glad that he was able to go above and beyond.
My wife and I live in the foothills and she was broke down on golf course and paseo. After an Awful experience with another tow company (coming back twice, mind you.) We called our insurance and they recommended us to Duggers. AUGUSTINE WAS THE ABSOLUTE DEFINITION OF A PROFESSIONAL AND SHOULD BE PROMOTED! He showed up with a smile and was sympathetic to my wife and I and explained everything as he did it. Thank you so much Augustine, you'll never know how much you saved us today.
Scott helped me jump start my car, he was there super fast and got the job done quick and efficiently. Even tightened my battery connection down for me since it was loose. Duggar’s always has great service ☺️