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Dugger’s Jump Start Service

If your battery is dead, you’re stuck. That’s why we come to you. Schedule a Jump Start or Car Battery Replacement Install. We’ll send a qualified battery technician to your location, assess the battery and offer a jump or a battery exchange service.

Delivered and Installed for $199

most cases

Battery Service, Battery Install
Jump Starts, Roadside Assistance

Dugger’s Delivers. On Batteries and service, delivered & installed.

  • Our technicians will test your battery and charging system
  • We’ll determine if you need a jump start or a New Battery
  • If you need a Battery replacement, we’ll install it on the spot
  • Batteries specially designed to endure the New Mexico high altitude desert
  • 24 / 7 Service
  • 2 Year Nationwide Warranty.
  • To your door in 30 minutes
  • Disposal and recycling of your old battery

* 30 minutes is an average ETA. Actual time may vary based on factors like traffic.

Need a jump start? Dead Battery? Accident?

Nothing is more frustrating than being stuck with a dead battery in your car or truck. Stuck in your garage, stuck on the side of the road, stuck at the mall. Stuck sucks! If you get stuck with battery trouble in  Albuquerque or Rio Rancho, then the only service you need to remember is Dugger’s Services.

Jump Start Service, Battery Diagnostics, or battery delivery and installation, Dugger’s Battery service is designed to be convenient, fast and safe. We pride ourselves in our customer service experience and unlike other MotorClubs, your experience and safety come first.

You have a couple of options for a Battery Exchange:

Option 1

Dead battery, stranded...Jump starts, replacement car batteryYou can have your vehicle towed to your preferred mechanic’s shop and have them replace the battery; (you will have to drop the vehicle off with this option).

Option 2

We can fix it on the spot. (Most vehicles.) Service technicians can provide you with a quoted price for a new battery. If you select this option, then the service technician can install the new battery where your vehicle is stranded. For vehicle’s that require a tire or fender removal, there will be an additional cost on top of the battery price.

Here is an example of what the technician will run down during your battery service.

The service technician verifies whether or not someone else has attempted to start the vehicle:

  • The service technician will document this on the invoice and have the customer initial the acknowledgment of the previous service.
  • The service technician will attempt to start the vehicle (prior to hooking up the jump box).
  • Service technicians try determine within the first 10 minutes of arrival, if the service requested can be completed.
  • It’s important so, the service technicians will inspect the battery to ensure that there is no swelling or fluid leaking from the vehicle.
  • In the event that the service technician observes any visual indication of swelling or fluid leakage; they will stop immediately! This can be a danger to their and your safety.
  • Contact Dugger’s Services
  • If there is any damage to the battery, service technicians need to advise the customer that they need a new battery.
  • Hook up the jump box to the battery
Duggers help stranded customers get a new car battery install