John Benjamin Austin
John Benjamin Austin
21:42 23 Dec 19
I am leaving a 5 star review in good faith, as I have used Dugger in the past and they've always done an excellent job! Many insurance companies use them and every time, the driver has been professional, honest and hard working! Now on Wednesday, 12/18, my car was ready to be released from a local repair shop, as I was in an accident on the 5th which put it there. I drive for a both Ride Share companies in the city, and since I was out of work for so long, I was really looking forward to getting my vehicle back, except one thing happened: My car was hit in the parking lot, of the repair shop, by a tow truck dropping off another vehicle! This put my vehicle back in the shop!!! (It should be ready today) This incident put me out of work another 6 days! (It's Christmas and this has really put a financial burden on me). I know the Driver responsible will do the right thing, that is why I am giving a 5 star review (in good faith) now.
Fair dealing ownership and management! Don't let a few "bad apples" ruin it for you: Dugger's is the way to go! My nephew drives for uber and his dealings with Dugger's Road Service are remarkable! Thank you, Mr. Dugger, for properly taking care of my nephew! Hat's off, sir! -Emma
I ordered a replacement battery through and it was delivered/installed by Duggars. They did an awesome job. The technician kept me informed about when he would arrive; he arrived on time (same day that I put the order in) with the new battery, and installed it in less than 20 minutes--and that included removing/replacing the passenger seat, as that's where the battery lives in my SUV. The technician was also polite and treated me like a fellow human being, and didn't talk down to me the way some mechanics do with women. The cost was reasonable, and having the work done at my house saved so much time.
Sirena Narro
Sirena Narro
04:05 05 Sep 19
The wait was a little long about 2 hours but we were in no hurry and the wait was well worth it because the service was awesome! Definitely recommend this towing service
Antoinette Gonzales
Antoinette Gonzales
21:04 26 Jul 20
My name is Frances , just got into town and locked my keys in my truck. Set up was easy and what fast , courteous service. Scott was wonderful , great attitude and got me going in no time. Thanks duggers, you were great, seriously!!
Bethany Gallegos
Bethany Gallegos
01:31 13 Feb 20
Scott just changed my tire and was super fast, it literally took two minutes. Very professional and good at his job. 10/10 would recommend Dugger's services!

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