Dying Car Battery

4 Signs That Your Car Battery Is Dying

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Is your car battery dying?

A car battery can last in most vehicles for about 4 years. But, sometimes, your car battery begins to give out before you’ve reached the maximum number of years before it’s necessary to replace one. If you’re having issues with your car, you might be wondering what the signs of a dying car battery are. Below you’re going to find several signs that could point to car issues like battery failure.

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1. Trouble Starting Your Engine

When you put your key into the ignition, the thing you expect your car to do is turn on. One of the main signs that you’ve got a dead car battery is your engine is slow to startup.

As you continue to use your car, several of your battery’s inter-workings will become worn down. This reduces the efficiency with which your battery works, meaning it’s slower to start as time goes on.

When you attempt to turn your car on, it needs more time than it usually does to warm up and create the charge needed to start the engine. After waiting a few seconds, your engine should turn over the way it usually does.

2. Corroded Battery Connectors

Corrosion within your car is never a good sign, especially when it pertains to your car battery. Take some time to look at your battery, and if you notice a substance that is ashy or white in color, there is something to worry about.

This is a sign of battery corrosion, and when the connectors of your battery are corroded, it causes issues with the car starting. It also causes a blockage when the connector cables are trying to connect and create the proper voltage.

3. Your Battery Is Old

Sometimes the only sign that you need when figuring out if your car battery is about to die is that the battery is old. If your battery is reaching the end of its life cycle, it’s likely time for you to replace it.

As your battery gets old and wears out because of things like the way you drive or the climate you drive in, it will begin to show signs that it’s time to replace it. If you’re not sure how old your battery is, you can always have someone test it for you and give you a suggestion about the next steps to take.

4. The Engine Light Has Come On

Another sign that you are experiencing engine failure is if your check engine light has come on. This is a sign that your car needs maintenance to ensure continued vehicle health.

When you take the car to receive maintenance, they will test your battery and other car aspects.

Signs of a Dying Car Battery

If you’re looking for signs of a dying car battery, there are several that might stick out to you. You might notice some signs that your battery is old and it’s time to replace it or notice corrosion on the connectors located on the top of the battery.

Whether you need help with your car battery or a flat tire, the only thing left to do is contact Dugger’s Road Service. When you’re on the side of the road, we will be there to lend you a helping hand.