Randy Savage
Randy Savage
My daughter had a flat tire and Dugger's was used by my insurance co. as the roadside service. Within minutes I got a call from them saying they were on the way, they arrived 15 minutes later to her location and had her on the road with her spare 10 minutes later. Friendly tech and FANTASTIC service - definitely top of my list for future needs!
Scott came to tow my car after I found out I had a flat tire. I didn’t notice I actually had two flat tires because he checked! He arrived fast and before the ETA. He got me a ride to the nearest Discount Tire. He was very nice and friendly the whole time! I felt like this experience was no big of a deal because of how positive he was. A+++ service
Michael Abeel
Michael Abeel
Ambrose was exceptional with his service. Very patient and helpful with the towing of my vehicle. This guy has very good situational awareness and knows how to speak with people. I appreciate his help. I know his job is just to pick up vehicles and. drive them to their destination, but this guy goes the extra mile. Def will use this towing company again just because of Ambrose and his professionalism.
Marissa Boylan
Marissa Boylan
Wasn’t there for the actual towing (was in an accident) so I can’t comment on that, but when I went to get my personal belongings from my car they made it easy and DJ was really awesome and super friendly. Even in a really emotional state he made it a bit easier
Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones
I was having a very frustrating time with my prius and was told multiple different stories about what to do. Scott showed up and was friendly and upbeat and not at all daunted by my car problems. He quickly and easily jumped my car and then provided me with information about what to do in this situation in the future. He was so helpful, nice, and made me feel comfortable and at ease. I would happily recommend him in the future.
My roadside assistance with Dugger's service was great. With the rain and my understanding that many car owner were facing the same circumstances, the overall service was still great. The wait time was not a bother and the fact the towing took less than 20 minutes to get going, was proof how great their team is!

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